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Week 18 : How Did I Get Here? Improve Yourself MKMMA Blog

In my last  post, week 17HJ The Hero’s Journey, I was taking the leap into the unknown.  I still do not know where I have landed but I will let you know soon. Meanwhile as I attempt the Hero’s journey … Continue reading

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Week 17 HJ : The Hero’s Journey a MasterKeyMMA blog

Not week 18 but week 17 HJ. Mark Januszewski our course mentor understands the machinations that are going on in the students heads at each stage of our journey to change and enrich our lives. The Master Key System by … Continue reading

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Vikki Lawson Guest Blog

This guest blog by Vikki is a great an colourful analogy of the transformation the MasterKeyMMA course has been for all of the participants. Guest blog link.

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Week 16 : Wealth

“Wealth is a product of labor.”  So begins Charles F Haanel’s The Master Key System, part 16 para 1.  All the MasterKeyMMA participants have obtained a wealth of knowledge from Mark Januszewski so far.  We have also learnt that knowledge … Continue reading

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Week 15 : Exist in The Now a MasterKey MMA Blog

From “The Master Key” by Charles F Haanel is this quote “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”  Recently I have been contemplating as I go through the MKMMA course just how I have changed and able … Continue reading

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Week 14 : Pride before the Fall

In my last blog I was ever so positive how negative things wash over me and I thought I was up to any situation.  Then, at a social outing a friend of a friend, who I also know and have … Continue reading

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Week 2 Subconscious Action, Master Key MMA Bolg

I believe in these instances we have the proof of our subconscious mind making itself evident in our day to day activities when it is required, in some of those physically momentous occasions of life. Continue reading

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