Poetry to Reflect Embrace and Improve Yourself


Embrace your heart of love within

Abandon your guilt and win

Cast aside the cloak of the past

And walk into your future vast

Forgive the hurt inflicted by yourself

And become your own best friend and discover your inner wealth

Nuture your soul and self esteem

And dare to realize now what you dream

“Embrace” was written by Bernard McVeigh (2011)

My most heartfelt thanks to my brother, who wrote this poem for me to send where my heart thought best.

Let the Journey Forever Be Unfolding.

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2 Responses to Poetry to Reflect Embrace and Improve Yourself

  1. Hi Damian, I like your brother’s poem. Thanks for sharing it. Sue

  2. Hello Susan,
    I have convinced him to be an irregular contributor to https://masterkeymma.com many of his poems are uplifting and inspirational which fits in with the personal discovery side of my blog.
    Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding.

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