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Australian Story / ABC TV / Press Release November 7th, 2014

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

I’m Caroline Wilson and it is a pleasure for me to welcome you here to another episode of Australian Story.

Tonight we have something a little out of the ordinary for you but a remarkable story in it’s own right.

This is the story of endeavour, persistence in the face of adversity and an example of how the mind can accomplish anything that can be dreamed.

Our story is about Damian McVeigh, a man who has become a household name to those of you familiar with network marketing or MLM as it is often called.  Most times we refer to the industry that Mr McVeigh has made his name at in the derogatory, as Pyramid marketing.  But in Mr McVeigh’s case this is anything but the case as his story has turned around everyone’s entire concept of MLM in Australia.

If I may be familiar I will use Mr McVeigh’s first name, Damian, as that is his preference.

To begin with Damian has asked us to skip over his formative years where to be brief he overcame many or all of the handicaps that accompany growing up underprivileged in the Western suburbs of any Australian city, especially one like Melbourne

Damian achieved an education and rose to prominence in his chosen profession of medical science but it is not even that story which will be commented on tonight.

Our story begins in 2010, two years after Damian’s career ended due to ill health.  Through a singular concentration of mind or as he would prefer to call it mind-power Damian has achieved financial success that most of us only talk about.  Extraordinarily has been the fact that he has been able to turn his health around.

For 7 years previous to 2010, Damian had physical incapacities that involved constant pain and effected every single moment of daily living.  Typical of Damian and his life’s turnaround he will not speak of that period in his life.

Damian prefers to speak only of the time since he discovered a system of re-invention, a system based on sound psychological principles called “Master Key”.

Through Master Key and a complimentary process called Master Mind Alliance, Damian has been able to stop any influence of pain and disease over his life and as we speak he is currently section walking “The Australian Alpine Walking Trail”.  Damian has gone from a virtual cot case to a fit, strong bushwalker all through the power of mind over body.

As Damian prefers to put it he realised that the power of our thoughts manifests itself eventually in our reality.  For too long he had suffered a fantastic profession that he had become disillusioned in and had been unable to think of a exit strategy.  Damian’s body eventually became the outward manifestation of his thoughts and his body became a poison chalice.

Today through the realisation that his mind controlled his body, he has actively controlled his mind with positive thoughts of health and well being.  The resultant outcome is that his body has healed itself and is now a picture of a perfect physically fit sixty year old, who looks 10 years younger than he should look.

Using a system of daily routines that have become his habit, Damian has also transformed his financial health.  Starting with essential personal goals from 2010 to 2012 he paid off his children’s education expenses, paid off his own large mortgage and splurged on the luxury of his dream car, a white Mercedes Benz S class.  In his first 2 years after persisting with his new life principles he grossed $500,000.

Damian is the first to agree that such benefits did not come without sacrifice.  He had to turn his life around, become positive, disciplined and develop the work ethic necessary for a home based enterprise such as MLM.

Throughout his life the continuing theme in his life had been of service and commitment to others.  Whether it was through professional bodies, church activities or assisting youth through the Scouting Movement or community action groups there was always a principle of volunteerism in his life.

Again using the power of realising thoughts into action Damian has used his innate leadership and organisational talents to weld a new form of giving in the community.  With intimate knowledge of the MLM industry through his wife, Robyn’s Xango business he has shown first local then state and national organisations how to raise funds through MLM programs.

With his active national TV campaign on daytime talk programs he has made the community aware of the amount of giving MLM companies worldwide are involved in.  He has described the type of programmes and the quality of people providing these humanitarian programmes, showing us a side of MLM we hitherto were not aware of.

In the process he has shown volunteer organisations a new way of providing for their own local giving programs.  The system had been there all along but it has needed someone of Damian’s dogged determination and belief in himself to break down ingrained scepticism.

Starting with Xango and their “Goodness” programme, Damian has shown and taught church groups how giving linked to MLM humanitarian programmes, expanded to their congregations extended families and contacts, actively brought in money to the church community.

The concept of “Giving and Earning Crusade” has revolutionized church aided funding in Australia.  The funds earned come in from the wider community not just dwindling church numbers and aid programmes at international and local levels.

Damian readily admits that he has been able to make millions from MLM but it is widely acknowledged that he practises what he preaches.  The following is a comment from a recent interview:

“We all must realise in life that our fortunes should be shared, as to lead a life plenty is worthless unless we give and better the communities in which we live.  I used to think government could have my taxes and look after the less fortunate people within our community.  I now realise governments are ruled by bureaucrats and not by the people.  The only way those of us fortunate enough to have resources can give properly is by actively setting up programmes or directing our money to aid programmes we have investigated and approve of.”

Within the western suburbs of Melbourne, Damian has set up a bursary scholarship programme to assist students of these suburbs obtain access to quality teachings programmes.

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10 Responses to Press Releases

  1. susan marinac says:

    Great Press Release. You will make the world a better place. One of my DMP’s is to bring my son to Australia when he graduates from HS 2014. Hope we can do a Xango meeting there together someday! Dream your life…Live your dream!!

  2. damianmcv says:

    Thank you again for reading my press Release. It was an interesting exercise. The future that I wanted just rolled out in front of me and consisted of things Robyn and I have already tried and failed.
    You and your son are most welcome to enjoy all the hospitality Robyn and I can provide when you come to Australia. We should know one another quite well by then.
    “May the journey forever be unfolding.” Damian

  3. I really enjoyed your delivery Damian. You made your story unfold in a very realistic way. Can’t wait to meet you and your wife in Hawaii in 1012.

    I’ve had a few days of health slow down and still have to finish my Press Release.
    Reading yours has given me encouragement as well. Keep up the Great Journey.
    Agape’ Darlene

  4. That was really fun Damian. I was right in your release with you. I better see you in Hawaii also Damian, not MIGHT or MAYBE for sure!

  5. marketmarkj says:


    getting what you want is supposed to make us feel good, it’s supposed to be fun…, this is FUN 🙂

    What a great idea and wonderfully put together…..

    I LOVE the volunteer work, just think that is amazing

    keep growing

    mark j

  6. damianmcv says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Mark.

  7. Hi Damian,
    Great Press Release! My heart is with you using the Goodness Program! I look forward to getting to know you better, you are an inspiration!

  8. Diane Norris says:

    Wonderful press release Damian! Right there with you & Robyn – Let’s Feed Those Babies!!!!

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