Improve Yourself with MKMMA Week 24

There has been a considerable gap since I last posted on my MasterKey MMA (MKMMA) blog. In the words of Steven Covey that Mark Januszewski often quotes I have been “Keeping the main thing the main thing“.  There has been so much growth in my business since applying the principal skills learned in the MKMMA course that my entire focus has been on my clients.

Week 24 of “The Master Key System” as expounded by Charles Haanel is the last lesson. This post will be also about the lessons learned from this last lesson and the truth that makes men and women free. Read any motivational literature or listen to any sports coach and you will come across this statement. “You get out of life what you put into it.”

If you start reading Haanel’s Master Key system and put it down as too cerebral or spiritual; then pick up Haanel’s treatise again and persist until the end to find the truth. In Haanell’s text there is a passage “… you will have found that you can get out of life exactly what you wish by first putting into life that which you wish …”  Not so much different from the statement in the previous paragraph which we don’t think twice about in our every day life.

We cannot depend upon the evidence of the senses for an evidence based reality.  Does not the Sun appear to move across the sky? Yet we know the Sun is stationary and the Earth rotates around the Sun.  Are the colours of light in a rainbow the only form of light? No, light consists of a wavelength spectrum the majority of which we cannot see.  Are the sounds we hear all that there is to hear?  No, sound also consists of wavelengths the majority of which is beyond the human sense of hearing?

Improve Yourself with MKMMA

Rainbow of Light Waves

Why then should we trust our senses when it comes to the “Truth which will set you Free”.  Haanel quite rightly comments that we have placed mountains of doubt, fear, distrust and discouragement in our path to know the TRUTH. We must reverse the evidence of our senses and seek the truth.  In doing so we will come to know that in order to express harmony we must think harmony.

Improve Yourself with MKMMA

Can You Trust Your Senses?

Convince yourself beyond the mountains of your senses and you will see the truth.

“Understand the great law that life, health and abundance are Omnipresent.” Charles Haanel

Perform the silent thought exercises of The Master Key System, find your Silence in order to know the Truth.  All forms of concentration, mental images, argument and autosuggestion are just methods to find the Truth.

In your search to improve yourself drive out thoughts of lack, limitation, disease, danger and past failures. Do this and you will enable yourself to find the truth  and be able to improve yourself and manifest your desires through your thoughts of health, success and abundance.

Dwell for a moment on the idea that when our spirit leaves our body we are nothing.  Spirit possesses the power to think.  Thought as we know it is creative; therefore spirit must be creative.

Your ability to control your thoughts, your subconscious mind control is the key to improve yourself and to also improve the lives of others.  Control your ability to think and you control your spirit, your subconscious mind use it for the benefit of yourself and others.

Thank you Mark Januszewski, for introducing me to the skills, exercises, ideas and practise of a Master Key Master Mind Alliance course.

Any man may easily do harm, but not every man can do good to another. ~ Plato

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  2. Chet Suiter says:

    You have learned your lesson well and are advancing to the position of teacher. Great post Damian. I know that your business will grow because of your commitment to applying the lessons you have learned. The best to you, Chet

  3. Aileen Johnson says:

    This is a greaat posst Damian. Congratulations on your great success in your business.

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