Improve Yourself with a Network Marketing Business

How Can a Network Marketing Business Help You Improve Yourself?

This network marketing tip has been written for you by Melbourne based financial planner, Mr Kerry Sharp.

The recent crisis in the financial world has caused people all over the world to reconsider their financial resources.  If you are investing or trying to earn money people must  become resourceful to ensure stability in their their finances.

Financial Crisis Means Opportunity

Improve Yourself Despite a Financial Crisis with Network Marketing

An uncertain economy  causes job and financial insecurity. How we make money, save our pay packet and hold onto our money are of concern to us all.

Wealth, do you desire to achieve wealth? The money to accomplish wealth only comes from two areas:

  • Budgeting and saving money with relate investments
  • Wages or earning more money, the production of labour

In my capacity as a financial adviser, I researched additional income activities through which my clients could benefit. My research revealed the following necessary criteria:

  • Hours of work adjustable to meet family needs
  • Independent control of the business activity
  • Low capital buy in costs
  • Suitable reward for effort
  • Right of Sale over the business
  • No major contract demands that interfere with primary wage source

Only Network Marketing or MLM met these  criteria.

Please watch the video below as well known author Robert Kiyosaki discusses the value of a network marketing business and the “Cash Flow Quadrant”.

Network marketing distributors are independent, sell their products without expensive advertisements, are CEOs of their own destiny and put in the effort and actions that determine their success.

Through modern network marketing, I believe it is possible to improve yourself.  MLM is within the reach of retirees, parent looking after children at home, people in full time employment, even business people like myself are building successful sales networks.

So is there an Ultimate Networking Home Business?

My friend and colleague, Damian McVeigh will examine that in his next post.

“My thanks to Mr Sharp for his thoughts in this post, should you like to read an interesting post with a substantial network marketing tip follow the link to  Mark Januszewski.” ~ Damian McVeigh

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4 Responses to Improve Yourself with a Network Marketing Business

  1. When I was first introduced to NWM a few years ago I had no opinion because I knew nothing about it. Well now that I have been introduced to this industry and this business model and been a student in the MKMMA my life will never be the same. Thsi business is so much about building long term relationships with people and helping people andpersonal growth and goals and persistance and I could go on and on but thanks for your post. People just need to get educated on what this really is all about. It is really a brilliant and fair business model.

    • Damian says:

      Thank you Susan for your comment which is based on your personal experience and success. So many people get involved in MLM to make something of it without the skills to grow their business.

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