Improve Yourself Live in the Moment Week 23

This post is dedicated to Bernard for a message he sent about “living in the moment” after he read my week 15 MKMMA blog about Living in the Now.

The topic of living in the now was covered in the journal Psychology Today in an article by Ian Newby Clark published in April of 2008 and as stated in the article has been researched by Sonja Lyubomirsky, from the University of California at Riverside and author of a book titled “The How of Happiness”.

Living is the now, is described as mindfulness, enjoying what is happening now even if it is a commute to work on a crowded train during a bus strike. Find something to enjoy within the moment. Is there anything, right that instant, that is wrong? No. The whole situation upsets you if you dwell upon it but not the instant of existence you are living.

Improve Yourself Learn to dream

What is there to savor in a crowded train? You might like to assist me with some great ideas and send in a comment. What occurs to me is that you are alive and that in itself is wonderful when you dwell upon it. You are alive … breathe in … breathe out. Live in the moment.

Are you tired, stressed, depressed, missing a loved one or on the receiving end of bad news?

Become aware of the moment concentrate on your breath, you are alive nothing else exists but now. The First Law of the Mind, the law of substitution, states that we cannot think about two things at the same time. If you wish to improve yourself to become less stressed and less worrisome, learn mindfulness.

Improve Yourself Develop Mindfulness

Now is the right time to improve yourself

The dichotomy is that you cannot have mindfulness as something you will achieve. This is because to think about mindfulness as something you want places it, mindfulness, in the future, NOT IN THE NOW.

The trick is to just be in the moment. Live this moment and be blessed.

Mindfulness is what Buddhists describe as recognising the “spark before the flame”.

Did you hear the one about the Buddhist devotee who spent 20 years in prayer and meditation? Upon leaving the monastery he was asked. “What have you learned in the time you have been within the monastery?” Immediately his reply came forth. “I have learned that I breathe”, he said.

For the link to the Psychology Today article click on Psychology Today.

Maureen Hagerty’s MKMMA blog from February is sensational and inspiring, recommended reading.

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5 Responses to Improve Yourself Live in the Moment Week 23

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    Damian, I did just what you wrote of on a recent drive back from Mississippi. I was alone and driving along I-10……it’s a fairly plain section of highway that stretches from the east coast of Florida all the way to somewhere in California. But this time as I drove the 450 miles, I noticed the trees in their full greenery, the multiple kinds of animals in the pastures and the cloud formations in the sky. I also took the time to notice people driving in their RV’s, tractor trailers, cars, etc. I know it sounds kind of weird, but I felt an inner peace unlike anything I’ve ever felt before and thoroughly enjoyed the drive this time and that’s a first!

    • Damian says:

      G’day Lisa, I am so very happy to have made a difference. Your comment also helps me when I stop living in the moment I reflect on your gracious comment and regain my moment.
      Today it brought me back to the beauty of some sunflowers I was passing.
      p.s. the Australian ashram for Master Key MMA “Improve Yourself” will open in the near future, I’ll put you on the mailing list.
      Thank you, Swami McVeigh

  2. ralf says:

    bloody good book

  3. Chet Suiter says:

    Vary good Damiam, As Napoleon Hill says; “You will never be greater than the thoughts that dominate your mind.” also “Your progress in life begins in your own mind and ends in the same place.” Both of these statements follow in line with your blog. Your in good company…..

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