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How Do I Make Money in Network Marketing?

Improve yourself in network marketing learn the answer to this so often asked question?

Most Network Marketing MLM distributors hear this question and don’t understand what their prospect is asking.  How many years have you been doing MLM for now?  Remember back, to when you first started. What would that question have meant back then?

How do I make money in MLM

Network Success Starts with a Simple question

“How do I make money in network marketing MLM?”

I had cause to ponder this question as I read a post by Mark Januszewski on network marketing skills and network marketing tips and success.

Without thinking most people reply to the question “How do I make money in network marketing MLM?” with a detailed explanation of the MLM compensation plan that:

  • Pays out 800 levels deep. What relevance to someone with no downline?
  • Gives you the best Innovative Start Up bonus. What are the others like?
  • No breakages. I thought the product was pure and in glass. Surely there are breakages.
  • Pays out 50% of product reduced price. Hang on why am I getting 50% of $70 when I pay $100 for the product. What happened to that$30.
  • Get to “Merlin the Magician” level and you get pro rata on world volume. In what universe is this going to happen?

The complexity of the pay plans goes on and on.  We answer the question in such a manner because we are all deeply involved in the pay plan, now. We have seen our income go up and down due to the contortions of a compensation plan but …….

We have forgotten the innocence , the naiviety and the spirit of which the question was asked.

When a new distributor asks “How do I get paid in network marketing?” the answer is all so simple. “You get paid by recommending and promoting products. You have been recommending and promoting things such as movies, coffee shops or a great tradesman your whole life. Now however by recommending a great product there is a cheque for you each month when people buy that product.”

Network Marketing tips for network marketing success

Network Marketing: Is it really that hard?

This one simple network marketing skill will stop you from losing prospects that are ready to join. People don’t ask “How do I make money in network marketing?” unless they are ready to sign up with you.

Another Network Marketing Tip

Remember this network marketing tip, prospects want to know from you the answer to the following questions.

  1. What do I have to do in network marketing?
  2. Can I do what is required to do in network marketing?
  3. How do I make money in network marketing?

Keep the answers to these questions simple and direct and you will sign up more prospects than you ever have.

Remember the simple answers you were looking for when you first started.