G’day to everyone in MKMMA, I’m Australian.  I am the father of 3 adult children and blissfully living with Robyn for the last 32 years.  My career was in diagnostic medical science, before illness made me realise that I would have to retire.

In medial science for the main part I was principal scientist at a tertiary care hospital responsible for 3 disciplines.  I am a Fellow of The Australian Institute of Medical Scientists and one of a small group of scientists permitted to join The Haematology Society of Australia and New Zealand, which in the main consists of clinicians and pathologists.

My career also saw me in education and quality assurance roles at the state level and as an assessor of medical laboratories for the national accreditation authority.  Recently I have just retired from the state executive council for medical scientists.

Outside of my 9 to 5 role I was an elder of our local church for several years and in other community groups.

The most enjoyable role within the community has been as a leader, serving the youth of our community through  the Scouting Movement. My children got me involved  but because I loved it so much I stayed for 17 years.  My roles within scouting were as scout leader, district scout leader and venturer leader.  Through scouting I discovered a love of bush walking and living under the stars relying only upon yourself and my fellow companions.

Life now is different.  I begin again a journey to discover skills and realise potential, that has been thwarted or lays dormant.  These newly recognised qualities will assist me in my new life and aid my wife, Robyn in her Xango Network Marketing MLM business.

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