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In a previous post with a tip on How to Improve Yourself in Network Marketing MLM. I asked the question “Who do you listen to?” .

Where do you learn network marketing skills?

Do you think this is an interesting thought that deserves another look? Where are you going to find good advice on Network Marketing Skills and Network Marketing Success.

If you follow this blog you realise that I just love the gracious network marketing tips that Mark Januszewski makes available at no cost.

Improve Yourself with these Network Marketing Skills

Before I came across Mark Januszewski in order to increase my skills in network marketing I was an avid follower of Tim Sales. In line with my advice to you, until you acquire a knowledge of what you need.  Look around to see what is on offer before you spend all your time buying products and not yet earning an income to pay for your outgoings.

Please view Tim’s video and leave a comment if this is the kind of information you wish to see or not see on this blog.


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4 Responses to Video Advice on Network Marketing Tip

  1. Hi Damian, After taking Mark J’s MKMMA course for 6 months, I would have to put him the category of author #3 or someone who has been successful at the subject he is teaching. Yes I think Tim Sales video was useful information and thought provoking. I guess right now I would call myself a successful student. As we get better at using the skills Mark J taught us we can move in to category #3. Thanks again, Sue

    • Damian says:

      Hello Susan,
      I am glad you found the information on the blog useful. If we share more we get more and the world is a better place.
      Let the Journey Forever Be Unfolding.

  2. Davene says:

    You have put Mark J in good company. Thanks for the blog and great video!

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