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Mark J where have you been all my life.  The truth in what I am reading has been somewhere below the surface of my conscious mind, noticed, never acted upon and certainly never contemplated upon.  Haanel’s Master Key System is making these truths self-evident.

What I have been thinking about recently is that some of this wisdom is evident in what occurs around us, occasionally.  Have you ever done something instinctive and marvelled at how such an action was possible?  A time when the subconscious mind acts in a microcosm, our silent partner has taken control of your physical actions.  My conscious mind contemplates statement 9 from Master Key week 2.  “If we compare these two sets of action, the one decreed by the will of the moment and the other proceeding in majestic, rhythmic course, subject to no vascillation but constant at every moment.  We stand in awe of the latter and ask to have the mystery explained.”

If I may relate from personal experiences.  On one most ordinary day, years ago, when I was collecting my young children from school.  My wife and I walked across the playground and I had my head turned right talking to her when my left hand, I’m right handed, shot out and caught an errant tennis ball that had been heading, at speed, straight for my face.

The ball was in my hand before I was aware of it.  The children responsible looked at me  dumbfounded, gobsmacked as they knew that ball should have struck me, for I had not been looking in that direction.  Needless to say two very relieved children and I still have a straight nose.

Have you ever played contact sport, such as Australian Football and the organised mayhem that it is?  For most of you the answer is no …. but I am sure there are others out there who will be in unison, due to your particular sport, with what is to follow.  For instants of play you perform actions which you can’t believe?  There is no thought, you just do.  Your conscious mind has made a decision to get that ball and the rest is a blur. The body has a subconscious mind control going on.

Later team mates slap you on the back for an amazing feat and are I awe.  “How did you do it?”  they ask.  You can’t remember how you did it.  For it is unknown to you how you eluded three of the opposition at the start of play,  jumped over an illegally outstretched leg and managed to kick the ball before you were tossed to the ground.  There was no thought the body just worked on its own.  The subconscious mind had control.

I believe in these instances we have the proof of our subconscious mind making itself evident in our day to day activities when it is required, in some of those physically momentous occasions of life.  Do you remember these moments of physical triumph?  If you do you cannot forget them because of the uniqueness and euphoria of the event.

True champions in contact sports stand out.  Not because they have magnificent physiques or have endurance obtained that through training, other competitors have these traits.  Champions are recognised for moments they regularly touch their subconscious and perform awesome feats: the conscious mind observes and marvels.  Master Key week 2 statement 19 “The subconscious mind perceives by intuition.  Hence, its processes are rapid.  It does not wait for the slow methods of conscious reasoning”.

Through the Master Key system we begin to train/retrain our subconscious and to utilise the Universal Power that connects us all.

Let the journey forever be unfolding.

For a different slant on what we are all feeling read Lisa Anderson’s post.

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