Week 18 : How Did I Get Here? Improve Yourself MKMMA Blog

In my last  post, week 17HJ The Hero’s Journey, I was taking the leap into the unknown.  I still do not know where I have landed but I will let you know soon.

Meanwhile as I attempt the Hero’s journey I would like to reflect on how I got here.

Many Rooms with Doors to Open

Originally my wife pointed out some great content posted in a member’s forum of her Network marketing business.  Well, I thought I’d check out his site at The World’s Laziest Networker, interesting site name I thought.  Liked what I read on the site. Thought I’ve probably got the time to do this and assist Robyn with some network marketing tips that I might pick up and provide her with some home business help.   As I poked around in Mark Januszewski’s site I wondered what all these scholarships thingies were about.

Well, I put my name down on a list. I wonder when the bite will come for money I thought.  However I find out I can’t listen to the required web training sessions.

MKMMA Guru to Improve Yourself

Mark "The World's Laziest Networker"

We were due to be on an overseas holiday and to paraphrase my wife’s words in those of Mark Januszewski “I had to keep the main thing the main thing”. In our case enjoy the holiday.

Mark’s webinars were oversubscribed and I may have missed out anyway.  Then OMG I got an email telling me that I was accepted and not to sweat it.  Was this my first experience of the Law of Attraction?  Additionally, because I only had good thoughts and expectations about what I was to experience was it my first experience of the Law of Substitution, although I didn’t know it then.

The time then started to fill in with course requirements, Sunday night webinars from the other side of the world that I participated in on a Monday afternoon.  Along the way I was picking up network marketing tips, ideas on leadership attributes and personal growth.

As I read “The Master Key System” by Charles F Haanel and “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino, all part of the course work, I thought this was an “improve yourself” course like no other.  We were going into the science of changing our subconscious thoughts, it all made sense at an objective and intrinsic level.

During the first few weeks when I realised the entirety of this Master Key Master Mind Alliance, MKMMA course I asked myself.  What more could be involved to improve yourself?  I had to find the answer myself.  The realisation was that I had to go beyond my personal thoughts and become involved with an online community of MKMMAers.

MKMMA shows the way

Improve Yourself : What will the Journey hold for You?

In this community we were all laying it out for all to see, I began tentatively to reach out to people and form relationships, we encouraged each other through Twitter, Facebook, Skype and comments on our blogs.  Then we formed Master Mind groups for our success in life.  Yet, there was also grief at the loss of one of our Master Mind group from the course due to outside commitments in life.

Friends of mine think it a big deal that 200 odd people follow me on Twitter.  Yet I have learned that is miniscule compared to friends, such as Jim McGregor, the only other Australian doing the Master Key MMA course.

MKMMA shows the way

Did you hear the one about two Aussies on a Master Key MMA Journey?

By the way ………… Mark continues to offer all his knowledge at no cost, never was the proverbial bite applied.

In reading through this week’s blogs my recommendation is to have not just a look at but read “Live Your Dream” with Mick Carbo.

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4 Responses to Week 18 : How Did I Get Here? Improve Yourself MKMMA Blog

  1. Lisa Anderson says:

    Great blog Damian! I had heard of and actually had the chance to meet Mark before this course…..even then, I had no idea who he really was or what he had to offer. Having participated in a few of those “weekend seminars”, gotten pumped up and then come home to the proverbial letdown, I have truly appreciated Mark and Davene’s teachings. Your commentary made me smile……I’m glad you made it to class!

  2. Renae Massey says:

    I love your blog Damian, it brings back memories for me as I had some tech challanges and wondered if I missed out. Glad you are here. You put a smile on my face too!

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  4. Kathy Zimmer says:


    I really enjoyed reading your thoughtful post. Loved your Caution Australia pic.

    Anyone reading your post that is not in the class will learn that they too can change their mindset and situation. That should give them some immediate hope.

    Thank you for being one of the two contributing Aussies. You both add so much to the class. (Loved your recent suggestion on the recent techno webinar).

    Take care,

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