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From “The Master Key” by Charles F Haanel is this quote “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”  Recently I have been contemplating as I go through the MKMMA course just how I have changed and able to feel happy.

In my wanderings through literature on brain chemistry and my own mental journeys, I watched a TED video by Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert on happiness.  It would appear that our individual happiness is inversely proportional to how much daydreaming or how much our mind wanders.  To put it another way let your mind wander and think about the “Hows, What Ifs, Whens and Whys” then your ability to be happy decreases.

The medical, psychological and scientific evidence is stacking up with the idea that we should live in the now.

How do we live in the now?

1. We can slow our minds by meditating.  Something that we do each day with MasterKeyMMA as we perform our “quiet time” and still our mind and train our mind to think about this week’s task from the Master Key text.

2. Stop having negative thoughts and dwelling on them.  Through Mark Janusziewski’s MKMMA course we have practised and learnt through our exercises of a “mental diet” regarding negative thoughts.  Last week on hearing some friends discuss things in general in a negative way I stayed within the group and repeated consciously to myself over and over “bear hugs kettle”.  Remember Davene’s teaching of “Bear Hugs Kettle”, to control our negative thoughts.  Amazing result I took in none of the negativity and could move on unencumbered ….. and I don’t think I heard a word they said.

3. Concentrate on your breathing, another way to focus on the now.  The brain has two areas each involved in different pathways of thought.  Number one the insula or insular cortex, part of the cerebral cortex, that allows us to experience what is happening to us through the senses of our body and number two the hippocampus which creates our thought stories, our mental wanderings.  Concentrate on breathing, a body function and you cannot engage the hippocampus.  Sound familiar, remember Mark J’s “Seven laws of The Mind” and the Law of Substitution.

Then there is Eckhardt Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”.  Tolle’s book focuses exactly on the question of “What is wrong with this moment in time?”  Ask yourself not what will happen tomorrow, or in five minutes with a problem or issue.

Eckhart’s whole premise is feeling the problem NOW.  Think in the now, exist in the now.  Does your problem exist now?  No!  Your problem is with the past or the future and due to mind stories you carry and replay in your mind.  Solution?  Go back to the three points of: “How Do We Live in the Now?”

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  2. Rich says:

    Eckhart’s material is really in line with the Master Keys. However, his style of attire would make Haanel blush.

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