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Subconscious Reprogramming DMP Week 20 MKMMA

For more than a few weeks now I have been concerned that my Definite Major Purpose (DMP) has not been able to get the juices or neuropeptides flowing throughout my body. “Why? What is wrong?” “Am I verbalising with passion?” … Continue reading

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Week 16 : Wealth

“Wealth is a product of labor.”  So begins Charles F Haanel’s The Master Key System, part 16 para 1.  All the MasterKeyMMA participants have obtained a wealth of knowledge from Mark Januszewski so far.  We have also learnt that knowledge … Continue reading

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Week 13 : Master Key Losing The Plot

How good is Mark Janusziewski?  This question I asked myself after Mark’s weekly webinar with all of us MKMMAers today.  The theme of the week 13 webinar was around our activities at present. Are some of us ditching our commitment … Continue reading

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Week 12 : Mental Gymnastics Master Key MMA

These last two weeks in Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we have all been practising our mental gymnastics with our coloured shapes, with and without the content of our Definite Major Purpose, DMP and Primary Pivotal Needs, PPN. Trying to … Continue reading

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Two Into One Won’t Go MKMMA Blog 2 of 2

Last week in my blog http://wp.me/p15797-2e I started to tell you about my experience with “… the idea from “Seven Laws of the Mind” and the first law, the Law of Substitution “We cannot think about two things at the same time”.  I digressed into other thoughts … Continue reading

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