Week 14 : Pride before the Fall

In my last blog I was ever so positive how negative things wash over me and I thought I was up to any situation.  Then, at a social outing a friend of a friend, who I also know and have little time for, decides to greet me with an unexpected, painful withering handshake.

Handshake or Assault

So I responded in kind and this is usually the end of it.  However, being such a polite person  his pressure became even more intense.

What could I do?  At 164 cms and 72 kgs, just about everyone is bigger, stronger and taller than me.  I decide I wouldn’t be able to win this hand to hand battle of strength.  Should I mention I persist until I succeed. He was too big ….. so I twisted his hand and my hand was now on top of his.  He certainly didn’t like that, then he decides to push me back with the handshake, so I stepped in close, took his hand to the left and elbowed him gently three times in the stomach.

At that point, with my eyes close upon his chest.  He decided enough was enough.  None of the group knew the reason for what had just happened, some were dazed and questioning.  I was being accused “Did you see that, he had a go at me?”.  The group moved on.  Robyn, my life partner, asked me “What did he do?” and I explained.

I would have thought at my age this type of schoolyard behaviour was behind me.  However, I am still angry and trying to let it all go.  I am trying to get back to that good place I was in before, for want of a better word, I was “challenged”.

Constantly today, I am trying to remember Mark Januszewski’s “Seven Laws of the Mind”.

The Law of Forgiveness; “to access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscent and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel.  There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not, exists.”

The Only Alternative

Reading and writing these words I understand and I humbly believe, that I cannot resume my previous equilibrium without letting go of my “thought stories, the replay of the transgression in my mind”.  Such thoughts suck away my energy, reduce my desire to become involved in tasks as enthusiastically as I have been.  Forgiveness is necessary.

Also I read and understand another of the “Seven Laws of the Mind”.

The Law of Growth; “What ever we think about grows.  What we forget atrophies.”

The more I replay the incident the worse it becomes…IN MY MIND.  I must forget the incident and make it grow smaller and smaller until it no longer exists.  Also this out pouring of the incident on the MasterKeyMMA blog, means it is gone.

My choice of the week 14 blogs from MasterKey MMA is: Kim San Kuan’s blog.

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  1. susan marinac says:

    HI, Your new site looks great. Nice to have the links . I printed the article on Forgiveness. Good referance. Thanks!

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