Week 13 : Master Key Losing The Plot

How good is Mark Janusziewski?  This question I asked myself after Mark’s weekly webinar with all of us MKMMAers today.  The theme of the week 13 webinar was around our activities at present.

Are some of us ditching our commitment to the Master Key system and Master Mind Alliance?

Master Key

Week 12 to 14 is a time when many people start to give up on their reading of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino or don’t read as often their daily readings from “The Master Key” by Charles F Haanel.

Despite the positive effect this course of Master Key Master Mind Alliance is having on me.  Mark J and “The Fabulous Davene” have hit what is happening to me with the accuracy of skilled trainers.

Things are starting to change in my life as I persist with a “mental diet” of no negative thoughts, believe in myself, put plans into action and stop procrastinating.  Events are happening and I cannot ignore them.

Adverse events that would once have left me floundering no longer effect me.  I greet each day and everyone with love in my heart, I persist and I succeed.

Not only do adverse happenings wash over me without influence, good things immediately manifest themselves in my life and these outweigh and are of far more consequence.

Scale of Effects

The effect of the MKMMA course on me is profound, I will find myself in the midst of a negative group and aware of the negativity I steer the conversation to positives or object to negative stereotyping, where as once I would have remained silent.  Everything is going so right I am getting slack at the discipline and persistence of tasks involved in this course.  Time to rededicate and remember that as W Clement Stone said “It takes less effort to succeed than to fail”.

Now to bring into play Mark’s NARC plan for Neurological Associate Reactive Conditioning.  Something new and completely unexpected for me anyway.  I was devastated when Mark wanted me to throw out my DMP cards.

“Is he mad?”  Thankfully after being devastated I can now retrieve my new life from the rubbish bin, associate it with pleasurable experience and move on.  All part of the NARC experience and the Mark Janusziewski plan.

My pick of the week 13 blogs for MKMMA 2010-11 course is Rob Kenyon.  Go to the end of his blog for an emotional example of the Law of Attraction and the idiom “what we think about grows”.

Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding.

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