Week 12 : Mental Gymnastics Master Key MMA

These last two weeks in Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we have all been practising our mental gymnastics with our coloured shapes, with and without the content of our Definite Major Purpose, DMP and Primary Pivotal Needs, PPN.

Trying to touch our right elbow to our left foot.  I’m having some difficulty with that Mark J.  In all seriousness generally moving body parts on our right side to different parts of our body on the left side to get new neural pathways moving.

Does this type of mental exercise work?  Too right it does!  Personally I have had experience.  Back in the last millennium I injured my right hand, badly.  I had to learn to perform many of the tasks at work and at home with my left hand.

Back then as a medical scientist I was involved in a position with a necessity for dexterity and this involved lots of timing of test tube reactions; just before the epoch of automation in that field.  Testing for hemophilia diagnosis and monitoring warfarin and heparin therapy.  The injury to my right hand was devastating.  However it was a blessing in disguise.

Where was this beauty when I needed it?

In learning to perform a multitude of tasks left handed, I became aware of the fact that I began to think and approach problems with much more insight.  During this period I had one of the most productive and fruitful periods of my whole career.

I put down the increased brain power to the fact that I had opened up a whole new way of thinking within myself.  Mental gymnastics with Master Key, give it a try.  I converted myself years ago.  Want to begin the process of discovery?  This is where I started.  Wow what a journey and so far only 12 weeks, 14 weeks to go.

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