Two Turtle Doves and a Pigeon in a Garden

The following is a copy from the MasterKey “Key Klub”.  It is in response to a request for pictures of the birds mentioned in the post.

Kindness. Our German Short Haired Pointer recently died after 14 years as part of our family. We had noticed that as he got sicker his food was often eaten by a family of Spotted Turtle doves. Upon Rimma’s passing these birds had become accustomed to their free handout.

Rimma Not Feeling Himself

I decided to start feeding them and to my surprise now we have magnificent, large Rock Dove or Feral pigeon feeding with them.  Now when we eat our breakfast in our back garden this Spring and Summer we are rewarded with this truly, beautiful creature’s company. To paint a picture for your conscious mind he is twice the size of a common dove and mainly white with chest feathers of grey and iridescent emerald and purple. The back feathers on the nape of his neck fold back in a crown iridescent purple.

Two Turtle Doves and a Pigeon

Must go as he is “coooo cooooing” in the garden for his breakfast.

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