Week 6 : Really Testing Week

I had been thinking and experiencing great success with completion of all my Master Key Master Mind Alliance tasks.

Until this week, I have fallen off the proverbial wagon.

Commitments out of town, family commitments, social commitments have all proven to much in the last two weeks.  The culmination happened this week.

To begin with I set the time aside no matter who, what, where or why.  Only the persistent, constant disruption proved in the end to be too much.

First it would be a missed reading here, then a meditation I would explain to myself I couldn’t fit in due to 6 hours of driving.  Hard to meditate or read with your eyes closed.  Then in week 6 there is all the coloured charts to put around the house and the dream board, blog to do, Twitters to do daily and I believe we are supposed to be connecting through Facebook.

I haven’t completed everything this week.

What I found was a profound sense of NOT guilt but something was missing …… almost or definitely a loss, a feeling of slight ill health.

I haven’t given up and as soon as I started doing everything that I am supposed to read the Definite Major Purpose x 3, The Greatest Salesman in the World x 3, Blueprint Builder and meditation; and get Twittering and begin to accomplish the other set MK projects I have found a definite relief.

The something that was missing in my life is back again.  The exercises we undergo daily  through MK are changing me, I need my program to feel whole.

Does this mean I an experiencing have subconscious need; a sign of subconscious reprogramming, evidenced by what my conscious mind requires each day?

I marvel at, and I am in awe of all those Master Key Master Mind Alliance participants who achieve everything so thoroughly.

This Master Key participant is back on track and not throwing in the towel.

Read Doug Karnuth’s post about his rainbow experience.

Let the Journey Forever Be Unfolding

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5 Responses to Week 6 : Really Testing Week

  1. susan marinac says:

    There will be weeks like this for sure. This coming week I will be out of town for a workshop Thur night through Sunday night. We do the best we can, but I know how you feel. Hang in there. It will all be worth it. Dream your life….live your dream!

  2. Wow, I feel you Damian! I can see that your new habits are in place because you started right back where you were supposed to and you got relief!! NEW BRAIN GROOVES! Wahoo! 😀

  3. Life gets in the way of dreams, but once your back on track it all seems okay again, the reality of it all is, it all has to fit and thats why we make it work not always on schedule but always finished in the end, keep moving forward!

  4. Debi Talbert says:

    Great insight here. You have helped me feel so much better about my last week and what I’ve been going through.

    I believe you are right, the changes we are making are becoming our norm and we miss it. – Debi

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