Week 10 : Two into One Won’t Go! MKMMA Blog

These blogs are a record of our progress in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course, a record to those who come after us.  Is it hocus pocus?  Is it an old system of thought and beliefs in a system?

Seems there are some people starting to take notice of our journey and coming forth with all sorts of “knock downs”.  Within my own circle of friends there are those who think that Mark Janusziewski has me under some sort of brain washing program.

No MKMMAers Here!

No MKMMAers Here!

WELL ….. YES HE HAS!!!!!


Mark J, Charles Haanel and Og Mandino  XOXOXOXXO.

Off my soap box and shouting from the rooftops for the moment, there are also friends who have said to me “I want you to get my husband involved in that program.  If it can improve how you think and act, when you’ve always been successful in my opinion.  How can he get into a course?”.

This week I have been most impressed with the idea from “Seven Laws of the Mind” and the first law the Law of Substitution “We cannot think about two things at the same time”.

I spoke to my wife about how impressed with this idea and how it was helping me.  Well did that open up a can of worms!  My wife, Robyn, is a Psychology major, triple degree qualified and a family therapist.  “What have I been telling you for three years?” was her animated reply.

As I contemplated Robyn’s words I also thought about two years with a psychologist to help overcome depression caused by constant and at times overwhelming pain.  Recently, I had spoken with my psychologist and the difference “MKMMA” has made, in 8 weeks.  The discussion revolved around even though she had set up similar exercises it had never grabbed me like the Master Key weekly training.

What was the difference?  Was it a competition with myself not to get kicked out of the course?  Was my parachute finally opened?  Was the setting of a “Defined Major Purpose” (DMP) at the start of the course and worked on for over 6 weeks the reason?

If you have been reading other MKMMA blogs you will know the answer.  I believe that the setting of a DMP anchored me to something that I needed to accomplish.  My DMP along with my “Primary Pivotal Needs” (PPNs) struck at something primal in me that had been there forever and was why I accomplished everything I ever had in my life.

Painfully Amazing 🙂

My DMP and PPNs had been the anchors of my whole life when I reflected upon my situation ……. but I had forgotten about them … lost my way in the maze of pain and failed therapies.   One of my PPNs had been dismissed outright in a goal setting exercise with Robyn.  I constantly frustrated Robyn as I couldn’t set goals for myself only those that benefited others.

I wanted to leave a LEGACY and to her this wasn’t good enough.  Imagine my joy when Mark explained about PPNs AND THERE IT WAS LEGACY as a Primary Pivotal Need.

I’m rambling, sorry.  What has this got to do with the Law of Substitution?  Nothing but it has just poured out from me as I compose this blog.  It is something I have wanted to share for some time.  Perhaps I trust the MKMMA community now and know you will understand.

Subconscious Machinations

Back to the Law of Substitution …. next week …… for as we know “We cannot think about two things at the same time.”  My subconscious mind knew at the start of this post that this blog would end this way.  For I always start with a title and go for it.

Two blog posts won’t go into one blog post.

Thank you and please forgive the indulgence.

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5 Responses to Week 10 : Two into One Won’t Go! MKMMA Blog

  1. Ramblings are good for the soul Damian…..I’m glad you can use me and the other MKMMAer’s to help bounce thoughts and goals off of…..Happy to hear you know you’re on the right path. Keep up the faith!

  2. That was great Damian. Man, I couldn’t agree with you more about finding PPN’s and putting them into our DMP!! That’s when everything changed for me. It clicked. Just like you I was told write your goals, write your WHY, blah, blah, blah. All of that means nothing without PPN’s that gives you burning desire! I have seen so much growth in you since we started the MKMMA. Wahooo! You go!! 😀

    • damianmcv says:

      G’day Vikki, thanks for your enthusiastic encouragement. Sounds like things are really going your way at present. Your energy will power the next NASA mission launch.

  3. It is time to focus on YOU, your goal, your legacy! Great insight.

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