Week 4 Solar Plexis Power: Who needs Fusion?

Solar Plexis Power, I had heard about from a radio programme.  There was a form of Eastern martial art that was little known, to the uninitiated it turns out.

Qidong was a form of martial arts that could heal was the reason I was searching.  The person being interviewed had resolved his leukemia for many years using Qidong, already being a devotee of another form of martial arts.  The video was the result of my search.  I thought all in the MKMMA class may be interested.

Watch the video, nothing else needs to be said.

There is so much in the world that we have yet to discover.

Let the Journey forever be unfolding.

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  1. I’ve heard of this before Damian, but never seen it…..pretty fascinating stuff. Just more evidence of how powerful our minds are. Thanks for sharing. I’ve added you to my blog roll, hope you’ll do the same. Have a great week! Lisa

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