Week 8 : The Journey Unfolds a MKMMA Blog

Improve Yourself with MKMMA

"Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding"

Master Key, as I wrote last week challenges and taxes me in various ways.  I am learning to form new habits and remembering what it used to be like when I had the discipline to form habits.  Good habits not just slack bad habits.

I feel happy when I get my Twitters tweeted, my blog is completed or I have completed reading other people’s blogs.  Now though, as in our reading of Og “I will welcome happiness for it enlarges my heart.”  Yes!

You Guessed It

Feeling the burst of neuropeptides released along my spinal cord.  Aaahhh allow myself to feel happy.

What could be the point of a dreamboard or for goodness sake ….. a recording of our goals with music?

Well, I now like looking at my dreamboard.  Instantaneously I remember what my “definite major purpose” is and what I am to achieve.  “I can be all that I will to Be.”

The recording of my goals to music was interesting. Play it all the time now while on the computer, just love Enya.

Improve Yourself with MKMMA

My Music: Enya "The Celts"

Practise of a task is the beginning of expertise.  I hadn’t realised my computers recorder was going to pick up so many noises.  For example I hadn’t specified, I hadn’t thought it necessary, that a certain bathroom couldn’t be used while Dad was recording.  There is a great flushing sound in the background as well as the continued filling of the cistern.

MLM Tips Listen to Enya

Enya "The Celts"

And who would have thought that the phones had to be off as well, nice little interruption.  Great feeling of accomplishment.  Mark’s requirement of this task is something I would never have attempted, left to my own devices.

I am learning “That the whole is greater than the part” as Mark’s says.  If I fall behind or fail, I don’t “beat myself up”.  I forgive myself and get back on task.

The Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) programme is a turning point for anyone willing to put in the effort to improve yourself.

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11 Responses to Week 8 : The Journey Unfolds a MKMMA Blog

  1. mkdale says:

    Hi Damian!
    Not just the recording, but SO MANY things I would never have thought to do without the course, or (like the dream board) knew I needed but just hadn’t gotten around to it 🙂 And it is totally amazing how the pieces all work together.

    So funny about the toilet!! Keep sharing, I love your posts!


    • damianmcv says:

      Hi Ralph, I just put for example “free pics of happy heart” into Goggle. Goggle will often show pics that cost but generally there is a free pics listing in the search. Alternatively I try http://www.leapfish.com and use the same search, Leapfish is a new search engine with a difference. Leapfish always has free pictures, down the bottom and videos related to your search as well as links.

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  4. Debi Talbert aka Morphing Fly Girl says:

    Damian – Congratulations on this wonderful story here. I love how your picture fits so perfectly with you title and starting sentence.

    Way to step up and take the challenge to learn a new skill and getting your recording completed. I really liked how you shared your entire experience by weaving some of the 5 scenes. We are all learning to be great story tellers here with our blogs.

    I did not actually do my recording until today. Not because I was behind but because until last night call, I did no realize how important it was to me. …….. When I found out last night that my sub-conscious can be control and changed by the sound of my voice, I finished my recording today.

  5. mkjjs says:

    I totally agree with your sentiment. It is work. Hard, mental work. I wrote about the same thing in my blog. Bombard the senses! Didn’t make sense in the beginning but over time it kicks in and becomes habit….GOOD HABIT.

    I greet this day with love, and I succeed!

  6. Jim McGregor says:

    I totally agree with you. The synergy created is fantastic . By the way is the pic taken in the Victorian Alps (post bushfire) ? nice regrowth! – Jim

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