Week 7 Reflections

These blogs are to keep a running diary of our progress with the Master Key programme.  What have I discovered so far?

1. I think I learn by writing things out.  Whilst filling in by hand, a conscious choice, my coloured patterns I felt as if it was having a major impact upon me.

Decision: Write out my “Blueprint Builder” weekly.

2. The family cat, which ignores me 99% of the time, thinks it unusual to be in the house alone with me and for me to be sitting quietly meditating.  The cat just couldn’t resist finding out what it was all about.  I did not let the distraction of a wet nose in my face or a gentle rub on my head disturb my quiet time. Decision: Curiosity & The Cat

3. It is sooooooooo hard not to have negative thoughts. We don’t have enough good things to say about one another.  Decision: Keep on plugging on! AND if I haven’ got something good to say then don’t  ………………..   .

4. Each week’s assignment can tax my abilities in different ways.  Getting the assignments done is pleasurable and rewarding. Decision: Allow myself to feel the joy.

5. Read and commenting on other people’s blogs. By week 7 I should have read 35 to 70 of other MKMMAers blogs.  Haven’t done this too well.

Decision: Read and comment on 10 blogs this week.

6. Too easy to read people’s blogs who comment on your blog and vice a versa.

Decision: Break out don’t be confined by habit …… and ….this is probably a bad habit.

7. I am changing becoming motivated, doing things differently.  There is so much new to learn and memorise.

Decision: Go back and revise, commit to memory those skills I have not yet tackled.

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  1. Great reflections! Cats are so funny, I do my reading in the basement so they can’t jump in my lap but sometimes they meow at the door since it annoys them that they can’t be with me 🙂

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