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One of our tasks recently has been to emulate a task that Benjamin Franklin wrote about in his biography which he himself called “Memoirs”, although published after his death under a different title.  Franklin listed 13 virtues, our task is to find these virtues in others or examples in what goes on around us in our lives.

We are to pick a virtue for the week and see how many times we can see that virtue each day. Luckily, our virtues are different from Franklin, thankfully so perhaps.  For as Mark Twain commented in his essay “The Late Benjamin Franklin” (1870) claiming that Franklin and his list of virtues had “brought affliction to millions of boys since, whose fathers had read Franklin’s pernicious biography.”

Mark Januszewski has given us a list of virtues that are to be listed  in numerical order relating to which we are in greatest need of improvement.  These virtues are Courage, Kindness, Imagination, Persistence, Self Control, Decisiveness, Organisation skills, Cooperation, Pleasing Personality. Taking Initiative, Enthusiasm, Specialised knowledge and to See God in others.

As I review these virtues to decide upon my own list, I realise I will need every single virtue in some degree in order to succeed in the network marketing business, to become as Og Mandino title says in another text we are studying “The Greatest Salesman in the World”.

I find these virtues in others and in doing so recognise that virtue in myself, an exercise in reinforcement.  An exercise in acknowledgment and self examination.

This course in Master Key Master Mind Alliance is so well planned, full of exercises that continue to assist me to grow.

My recommended read for a MasterKeyMMA week 17 blog this week is Dale Reynolds her post is also a good insight on what we are all experiencing.

Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding.

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2 Responses to Week 17 : Virtue in Others a MasterKeyMMA Blog

  1. Kathy Zimmer says:

    Hi Damian,

    I really enjoyed reading your post on Virtue. You thoughtfully put together a great read. Interesting comment by Twain on Franklin’s list of virtues.

    Practicing the virtue of kindness was an eye-opening assignment to be sure.

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Really good insight.

    Mark J

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