Week 2 Search for a "Light Bulb" Moment.

How do we learn?  Each of us may have inspiration occasionally in our lives.  Reading the inspirations of others avails us of life’s knowledge.

For those of you who might wish to start.  What follows is a list of my beginnings, from a life so different to that now travelled.

In the hope, that these resources assist someone in the journey.

I have read, listened to and watched all of the resources listed.  I believe that by educating ourselves we open ourselves to the discovery of new ideas.  We will all learn something different, an idea might turn on the proverbial “light bulb” in your mind.

Not every idea expressed in these resources strikes a “chord in my heart”, as my journey has been different from each of the authors but each has something valuable to contribute to each of us.


“How to Win Friends and Influence people”          Dale Carnegie

“Think and Grow Rich”                                              Napoleon Hill
“Your First year in Network Marketing”               Mark Yarnell & Rene Reid Yarnell
“Endless Referrals”                                                    Bob Burg
“Network of Champions”                                          Shad Helmstetter
“Be a Recruiting Superstar”                                     Mary Christensen
“Be a Network Marketing Superstar”                    Mary Christensen
“CashFlow Quadrant”                                               Robert T. Kiyosaki
“Why we Want You to Be Rich”                              Donald J. Trump, Robert T. Kiyosaki
“Bread Winner Bread Baker”                                  Sandy Elsberg
“Success Built to Last”                                             J Porras, S Emery & M Thompson
“The 4-Hour Work Week”                                      Timothy Ferris
“The 45 Second Presentation”                               Don Fallia
“The Ten Laws of Leadership”                              Bill Newman

“Succeeding with What You Have”                       Charles Schwab read by Charlie Jones
“Challenge to succeed”                                           Jim Rohn
“Building Your Business”                                      Jim Rohn
“How Big is Your Bucket”                                     Bob Schmidt
“The Perfect Business? An Interview”                Robert T. Kiyosaki
“Now What?”                                                          Mike Healy
“Murphy’s Committee”                                         Jerry “DRhino” Clark
“The Secret”                                                            Rhonda Byrne

Let the journey forever be unfolding.

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5 Responses to Week 2 Search for a "Light Bulb" Moment.

  1. Thanks for a great resource list!

  2. Master Key Chuck says:

    Great resources. Thanks much!


  3. mkdale says:

    Always learning = always growing 🙂

  4. Damien, I know what will be on my Birthday and Christmas list! Thanks for the awesome resource list.

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