Vikki Lawson Guest Blog

This guest blog by Vikki is a great an colourful analogy of the transformation the MasterKeyMMA course has been for all of the participants.

Guest blog link.

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Week 16 : Wealth

“Wealth is a product of labor.”  So begins Charles F Haanel’s The Master Key System, part 16 para 1.  All the MasterKeyMMA participants have obtained a wealth of knowledge from Mark Januszewski so far.  We have also learnt that knowledge not applied is useless.

In the course of our 16 weeks we have learnt list building skills, how to change our lifelong habits to attain our definite major purpose in life, DMPs, and what our primary pivotal needs, PPNs are and network marketing skills.

Reading the blogs of other participants I see that others are also having major changes take place in their lives.  For me good things are happening in my life and people in the marketplace are more open to what I have to say.  Is it that I now “Greet each day with love in my heart” or that I see people and inwardly smile at them?

I now have a definite fixed purpose, an ideal.  I have felt the power and truth behind the teaching that the power to create, create change in myself, depends upon idealisation, visualisation and materialisation.

Looking back upon my previous career, the best changes, projects and undertakings that I accomplished were completed using a dream or ideal as the starting point.  Without understanding, everything was created and attracted to itself that which was necessary to complete each undertaking.  In reading Haanel this week I can see now why I was successful ………… but I can now see and realise that my negative thoughts also were my undoing.

Negative thoughts about the misgivings of my career brought about a career ending illness.  Misgivings were about lack of time “time poor”, lack of recognition, lack of renumeration compared to careers of equal responsibility.  Rising at 6 am to get to work and not home until 7 pm or 8 pm.  I lost the positive, creative side of myself.

Through MasterKeyMMA I have found myself again and I believe in a future manifest.

Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding.

This week’s suggested blog read in the MasterKeyMMA course is week 15 by Doug Karnuth on “Why only 5% of people in business succeed.”

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Nancy DelRossi Guest Blogger: Seven Laws of the Mind

Please follow the link to an excellent blog on the “Seven Laws of the Mind.”

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Week 15 : Exist in The Now a MasterKey MMA Blog

From “The Master Key” by Charles F Haanel is this quote “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.”  Recently I have been contemplating as I go through the MKMMA course just how I have changed and able to feel happy.

In my wanderings through literature on brain chemistry and my own mental journeys, I watched a TED video by Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert on happiness.  It would appear that our individual happiness is inversely proportional to how much daydreaming or how much our mind wanders.  To put it another way let your mind wander and think about the “Hows, What Ifs, Whens and Whys” then your ability to be happy decreases.

The medical, psychological and scientific evidence is stacking up with the idea that we should live in the now.

How do we live in the now?

1. We can slow our minds by meditating.  Something that we do each day with MasterKeyMMA as we perform our “quiet time” and still our mind and train our mind to think about this week’s task from the Master Key text.

2. Stop having negative thoughts and dwelling on them.  Through Mark Janusziewski’s MKMMA course we have practised and learnt through our exercises of a “mental diet” regarding negative thoughts.  Last week on hearing some friends discuss things in general in a negative way I stayed within the group and repeated consciously to myself over and over “bear hugs kettle”.  Remember Davene’s teaching of “Bear Hugs Kettle”, to control our negative thoughts.  Amazing result I took in none of the negativity and could move on unencumbered ….. and I don’t think I heard a word they said.

3. Concentrate on your breathing, another way to focus on the now.  The brain has two areas each involved in different pathways of thought.  Number one the insula or insular cortex, part of the cerebral cortex, that allows us to experience what is happening to us through the senses of our body and number two the hippocampus which creates our thought stories, our mental wanderings.  Concentrate on breathing, a body function and you cannot engage the hippocampus.  Sound familiar, remember Mark J’s “Seven laws of The Mind” and the Law of Substitution.

Then there is Eckhardt Tolle’s book “The Power of Now”.  Tolle’s book focuses exactly on the question of “What is wrong with this moment in time?”  Ask yourself not what will happen tomorrow, or in five minutes with a problem or issue.

Eckhart’s whole premise is feeling the problem NOW.  Think in the now, exist in the now.  Does your problem exist now?  No!  Your problem is with the past or the future and due to mind stories you carry and replay in your mind.  Solution?  Go back to the three points of: “How Do We Live in the Now?”

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Two Turtle Doves and a Pigeon in a Garden

The following is a copy from the MasterKey “Key Klub”.  It is in response to a request for pictures of the birds mentioned in the post.

Kindness. Our German Short Haired Pointer recently died after 14 years as part of our family. We had noticed that as he got sicker his food was often eaten by a family of Spotted Turtle doves. Upon Rimma’s passing these birds had become accustomed to their free handout.

Rimma Not Feeling Himself

I decided to start feeding them and to my surprise now we have magnificent, large Rock Dove or Feral pigeon feeding with them.  Now when we eat our breakfast in our back garden this Spring and Summer we are rewarded with this truly, beautiful creature’s company. To paint a picture for your conscious mind he is twice the size of a common dove and mainly white with chest feathers of grey and iridescent emerald and purple. The back feathers on the nape of his neck fold back in a crown iridescent purple.

Two Turtle Doves and a Pigeon

Must go as he is “coooo cooooing” in the garden for his breakfast.

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Week 14 : Pride before the Fall

In my last blog I was ever so positive how negative things wash over me and I thought I was up to any situation.  Then, at a social outing a friend of a friend, who I also know and have little time for, decides to greet me with an unexpected, painful withering handshake.

Handshake or Assault

So I responded in kind and this is usually the end of it.  However, being such a polite person  his pressure became even more intense.

What could I do?  At 164 cms and 72 kgs, just about everyone is bigger, stronger and taller than me.  I decide I wouldn’t be able to win this hand to hand battle of strength.  Should I mention I persist until I succeed. He was too big ….. so I twisted his hand and my hand was now on top of his.  He certainly didn’t like that, then he decides to push me back with the handshake, so I stepped in close, took his hand to the left and elbowed him gently three times in the stomach.

At that point, with my eyes close upon his chest.  He decided enough was enough.  None of the group knew the reason for what had just happened, some were dazed and questioning.  I was being accused “Did you see that, he had a go at me?”.  The group moved on.  Robyn, my life partner, asked me “What did he do?” and I explained.

I would have thought at my age this type of schoolyard behaviour was behind me.  However, I am still angry and trying to let it all go.  I am trying to get back to that good place I was in before, for want of a better word, I was “challenged”.

Constantly today, I am trying to remember Mark Januszewski’s “Seven Laws of the Mind”.

The Law of Forgiveness; “to access the Divine and connect the subconscious to the Omnipotent, Omniscent and Omnipresent Creator we must forgive everyone and anyone to clear the channel.  There can be no connection to the Divine mind where anger or resentment against a brother or sister, justified or not, exists.”

The Only Alternative

Reading and writing these words I understand and I humbly believe, that I cannot resume my previous equilibrium without letting go of my “thought stories, the replay of the transgression in my mind”.  Such thoughts suck away my energy, reduce my desire to become involved in tasks as enthusiastically as I have been.  Forgiveness is necessary.

Also I read and understand another of the “Seven Laws of the Mind”.

The Law of Growth; “What ever we think about grows.  What we forget atrophies.”

The more I replay the incident the worse it becomes…IN MY MIND.  I must forget the incident and make it grow smaller and smaller until it no longer exists.  Also this out pouring of the incident on the MasterKeyMMA blog, means it is gone.

My choice of the week 14 blogs from MasterKey MMA is: Kim San Kuan’s blog.

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Week 13 : Master Key Losing The Plot

How good is Mark Janusziewski?  This question I asked myself after Mark’s weekly webinar with all of us MKMMAers today.  The theme of the week 13 webinar was around our activities at present.

Are some of us ditching our commitment to the Master Key system and Master Mind Alliance?

Master Key

Week 12 to 14 is a time when many people start to give up on their reading of “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino or don’t read as often their daily readings from “The Master Key” by Charles F Haanel.

Despite the positive effect this course of Master Key Master Mind Alliance is having on me.  Mark J and “The Fabulous Davene” have hit what is happening to me with the accuracy of skilled trainers.

Things are starting to change in my life as I persist with a “mental diet” of no negative thoughts, believe in myself, put plans into action and stop procrastinating.  Events are happening and I cannot ignore them.

Adverse events that would once have left me floundering no longer effect me.  I greet each day and everyone with love in my heart, I persist and I succeed.

Not only do adverse happenings wash over me without influence, good things immediately manifest themselves in my life and these outweigh and are of far more consequence.

Scale of Effects

The effect of the MKMMA course on me is profound, I will find myself in the midst of a negative group and aware of the negativity I steer the conversation to positives or object to negative stereotyping, where as once I would have remained silent.  Everything is going so right I am getting slack at the discipline and persistence of tasks involved in this course.  Time to rededicate and remember that as W Clement Stone said “It takes less effort to succeed than to fail”.

Now to bring into play Mark’s NARC plan for Neurological Associate Reactive Conditioning.  Something new and completely unexpected for me anyway.  I was devastated when Mark wanted me to throw out my DMP cards.

“Is he mad?”  Thankfully after being devastated I can now retrieve my new life from the rubbish bin, associate it with pleasurable experience and move on.  All part of the NARC experience and the Mark Janusziewski plan.

My pick of the week 13 blogs for MKMMA 2010-11 course is Rob Kenyon.  Go to the end of his blog for an emotional example of the Law of Attraction and the idiom “what we think about grows”.

Let the Journey Forever be Unfolding.

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Week 12 : Mental Gymnastics Master Key MMA

These last two weeks in Master Key Master Mind Alliance, we have all been practising our mental gymnastics with our coloured shapes, with and without the content of our Definite Major Purpose, DMP and Primary Pivotal Needs, PPN.

Trying to touch our right elbow to our left foot.  I’m having some difficulty with that Mark J.  In all seriousness generally moving body parts on our right side to different parts of our body on the left side to get new neural pathways moving.

Does this type of mental exercise work?  Too right it does!  Personally I have had experience.  Back in the last millennium I injured my right hand, badly.  I had to learn to perform many of the tasks at work and at home with my left hand.

Back then as a medical scientist I was involved in a position with a necessity for dexterity and this involved lots of timing of test tube reactions; just before the epoch of automation in that field.  Testing for hemophilia diagnosis and monitoring warfarin and heparin therapy.  The injury to my right hand was devastating.  However it was a blessing in disguise.

Where was this beauty when I needed it?

In learning to perform a multitude of tasks left handed, I became aware of the fact that I began to think and approach problems with much more insight.  During this period I had one of the most productive and fruitful periods of my whole career.

I put down the increased brain power to the fact that I had opened up a whole new way of thinking within myself.  Mental gymnastics with Master Key, give it a try.  I converted myself years ago.  Want to begin the process of discovery?  This is where I started.  Wow what a journey and so far only 12 weeks, 14 weeks to go.

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Two Into One Won’t Go MKMMA Blog 2 of 2

Last week in my blog I started to tell you about my experience with “… the idea from “Seven Laws of the Mind” and the first law, the Law of Substitution “We cannot think about two things at the same time”.  I digressed into other thoughts but back to my original thought or thoughts.

Why did the Master Key Master Mind Alliance (MKMMA) course have such a “Bell Ringing” awakening for me?

I believe it was the way Mark Januszewski explained the Law of Substitution as one of the Seven Laws of the Mind in relation to brain chemistry, neuropeptide formation andbrain plasticity.  It seemed obvious to me that with what I knew about mental disorders, from a career as a medical scientist, being due to imbalance in brain chemistry that new pathways could be formed.

To form new pathways we only need to learn how to form them.  With the Law of Substitution, think about it, can you really hold think about two things at once?  No, your thoughts are sequential no matter how infinitesimally quick.  Therefore to change habits, life long habits, practise and be aware of what you think.  Do you hold yourself back from your true potential?  Are to setting the scene for future failure by following bad habits?  Do things always work out in a certain manner and nothing seems to change?

You are working to the same old brain patterns set down earlier in your life.  Want to change what happens?  Change yourself, change the way you think, change the outcome?

Firing Up the Neuropeptides

This is what MKMMA has taught me.  Substituting negative thoughts or scenarios as these run through my head with the affirmation: “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy”.  Personally I find this affirmation from Charles F Haanel’s Master Key system to be so powerful.  This affirmation has led to a positive outlook on life, the negative neuropeptides have been replaced with positive neuropeptides.

Don’t let the naysayers dissuade you from reading or implementing the MKMMA System, it doesn’t matter if it was written in 1912.  Truth recognised in life is a life changing event no matter what age you live in.

Two into One Won’t Go!

Next week mental gymnastics.

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Week 10 : Two into One Won’t Go! MKMMA Blog

These blogs are a record of our progress in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance course, a record to those who come after us.  Is it hocus pocus?  Is it an old system of thought and beliefs in a system?

Seems there are some people starting to take notice of our journey and coming forth with all sorts of “knock downs”.  Within my own circle of friends there are those who think that Mark Janusziewski has me under some sort of brain washing program.

No MKMMAers Here!

No MKMMAers Here!

WELL ….. YES HE HAS!!!!!


Mark J, Charles Haanel and Og Mandino  XOXOXOXXO.

Off my soap box and shouting from the rooftops for the moment, there are also friends who have said to me “I want you to get my husband involved in that program.  If it can improve how you think and act, when you’ve always been successful in my opinion.  How can he get into a course?”.

This week I have been most impressed with the idea from “Seven Laws of the Mind” and the first law the Law of Substitution “We cannot think about two things at the same time”.

I spoke to my wife about how impressed with this idea and how it was helping me.  Well did that open up a can of worms!  My wife, Robyn, is a Psychology major, triple degree qualified and a family therapist.  “What have I been telling you for three years?” was her animated reply.

As I contemplated Robyn’s words I also thought about two years with a psychologist to help overcome depression caused by constant and at times overwhelming pain.  Recently, I had spoken with my psychologist and the difference “MKMMA” has made, in 8 weeks.  The discussion revolved around even though she had set up similar exercises it had never grabbed me like the Master Key weekly training.

What was the difference?  Was it a competition with myself not to get kicked out of the course?  Was my parachute finally opened?  Was the setting of a “Defined Major Purpose” (DMP) at the start of the course and worked on for over 6 weeks the reason?

If you have been reading other MKMMA blogs you will know the answer.  I believe that the setting of a DMP anchored me to something that I needed to accomplish.  My DMP along with my “Primary Pivotal Needs” (PPNs) struck at something primal in me that had been there forever and was why I accomplished everything I ever had in my life.

Painfully Amazing 🙂

My DMP and PPNs had been the anchors of my whole life when I reflected upon my situation ……. but I had forgotten about them … lost my way in the maze of pain and failed therapies.   One of my PPNs had been dismissed outright in a goal setting exercise with Robyn.  I constantly frustrated Robyn as I couldn’t set goals for myself only those that benefited others.

I wanted to leave a LEGACY and to her this wasn’t good enough.  Imagine my joy when Mark explained about PPNs AND THERE IT WAS LEGACY as a Primary Pivotal Need.

I’m rambling, sorry.  What has this got to do with the Law of Substitution?  Nothing but it has just poured out from me as I compose this blog.  It is something I have wanted to share for some time.  Perhaps I trust the MKMMA community now and know you will understand.

Subconscious Machinations

Back to the Law of Substitution …. next week …… for as we know “We cannot think about two things at the same time.”  My subconscious mind knew at the start of this post that this blog would end this way.  For I always start with a title and go for it.

Two blog posts won’t go into one blog post.

Thank you and please forgive the indulgence.

Recommended Master Key Blog for week 10.

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