Network Marketing Skills Improve Yourself with MKMMA

“Are you doing it correctly?”

“Doing what correctly?”

“Are you doing Network Marketing or MLM correctly?” This is the question I asked myself as I attempted to teach myself how to build a group of people capable of duplicating a MLM training and sponsoring system.

For such a long time I had heard from upline experts that it was “Just a numbers game.” or “You just haven’t heard enough NOs yet to find a YES.”

If it were just a numbers game “Why weren’t these people on annual incomes of 7 figures?”

As a career medical scientist, who had trained people for over 30 years, I just didn’t believe what I was hearing. I knew that for myself if I asked the question “What do I need  to do to improve yourself?” The answer was education, training and skills. Precisely the way I had taken anyone new to my profession and produced competent, self assured individuals in an industry where a mistake meant serious consequences to patient’s lives.

Finally I found an individual who provided a system that rang true on how to learn network marketing skills and for anyone looking to improve yourself in MLM.

My guest blogger this week is Mark Januszewski on the fallacy of “Its Just a Numbers Game” and on “Free tips on how to Learn Network Marketing Skills and Improve Yourself.”

Please view Mark Janusziewski at

Enjoy and Let the Journey Forever Be Unfolding.

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