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Yahoo! I was accepted into Mark Januszewski’s Master Key Master Mind Alliance course for 2010.

What am I getting into? Now that I know I thought I would update this first entry completely.

Mark’s course is based around a philosophy that you can only improve yourself through changing your subconscious. To learn how to undergo subconscious reprogramming through learning to form new neural pathways and the release of neuropeptides.

Our basic texts are The Master Key System by Charles Haanel and The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

Each of us must come up with our Definite Major Purpose based on our primary pivotal needs.

We will learn network marketing tips, internet skills for home business help and leadership attributes will be one of the network marketing skills taught.

If you want to know more; please folow my journey through this blog.

let the Journey Forever Be Unfolding,

Damian McVeigh

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